Tower of Ascension

Burning Man 2016


Envision standing 25’ feet in the air next to a pair of powerful fire breathing dragons. The vastness of the Playa spreads out below you. The Tower of Ascension is designed to raise people’s energy through both ‘awe’ and an ‘awesome’ experience. In the awe department the structure itself is remarkable. It has a look of an historic monument from a fantasyland with dragons. At night its fire and lights will dazzle the desert. Morning Meditation at the Tower of Ascension will be a perfect way to start your daily Playa adventure.


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Tower of Ascension 


Tower of Ascension 


How can you get involved?
  • Co-creation

    • Big - Come to a fun building party, meet new people and lend a hand creating the piece 

    • HUGE - Take the lead role in an aspect of the Tower build. In this you get to add your own vision into the project

    • Contact information is listed below to begin your co-creative experience


  • Donation 

    • If you can't be with us in person you can make the project happen by contributing funds

    • PayPal to

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